Ryan McDonough

Founder, Sometime Artist

CFO and co-founder @Accompany, acquired by @Cisco. Turnaround CFO @Ning, sold to Glam Media. Former seed VC. McKinsey trained. @Wharton School and @Haas School of Business.


what we do

Helping you find the pieces to love, while doing good. All net proceeds go to charity

Study in Contrasts

Painting technique on the blue canvas created an interesting out-of-focus effect. For the red canvas, ultimately updated with a high-glass varnish. See below for the finished piece.
starting price: SOLD

Rapid Prototype

Time-bounded piece. 10 minutes with 3 different heavy body blue pigments and one shade of white. Flooded top-coat with an 1/8” of varnish.
starting price: Off market

Vertical Drips

Textured finish. Scraped putty base with brushed titanium white and deep blue. Tinted medium dropped from the top of the canvas. Light blue wash to show etches. Finished with a high-gloss varnish.

starting price: Sold

Horizontal Drips

Darker piece with a focus on on layering. Spackling paste base for texture, then horizontal acrylic brushing. Central white stripe followed by white-tinted varnish tilted to drip each direction. Final varnish tinted blue to highlight layer textures. Mounted in a gunmetal aluminum canvas floating frame.
starting price: Off Market


Worked directly with client on this piece. Started out quite a bit darker, so we scraped off ~half the paint, added more titanium white, and re-applied the blue/grey to get the final effect. Interesting chemical reaction happened on the lower half of the piece through mixing two types of varnish that created a rippling/3D result.
starting price: SOLD

Vertical Splash

This piece bounced around the workshop for years as a partially completed red canvas. After applying the drips, attempted to tone down the effect with a white wash. Ended up being a huge mistake, so put the piece on the lawn and hosed it off. First time for everything – surprised that it worked. Finished with a heavy pour of a thick high-gloss varnish to give it some depth. Kept as a personal reminder that great end results can come from a rocky journey.
starting price: Off Market

LEGO as Sculpture

This functional piece recreates a stylized version of 1984 Apple Macintosh with a LEGO body combined with a modern Google Home.

starting price: Off-Market
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