Ryan McDonough

Founder, Sometime Artist

CFO and co-founder @Accompany, acquired by @Cisco. Turnaround CFO @Ning, sold to Glam Media. Former seed VC. McKinsey trained. @Wharton School and @Haas School of Business.



Polaroid x Polaroid

What’s better than a LEGO Polaroid camera? How about one with a Polaroid Hi·Print embedded inside! I call it the Polaroid x Polaroid.
LEGO Polaroid

Polaroid x Polaroid. LEGO created a great Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera kit that I decided to take one step further. Rebuilding the front, back, and base, a Polaroid Hi·Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer now fits inside.

Build Process

Starting with the LEGO Polaroid OneStep kit, getting the printer to fit within the camera required completely rebuilding the base of the camera. The back was extended with different black bricks from a Star Wars kit and creating a shell that fit exactly around the printer. The front slope didn’t create enough space so it was switched with sloped pieces, ending in a flat strip along the front. Ultimately, a perfectly snug fit allowed for a pressure fit of the printer. On the side, a hole was left to reach the power button.


Power on and connect over Bluetooth® to print 2″x3″ photos!

LEGO Kit: Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera #21345 (link)
Printer: Polaroid Hi·Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer (link)

Easter Eggs

TV in ViewFinder: TinyTV® Mini – Ultra Minature, Classic TV Color embedded in the ViewFinder (link)
Mini-Polaroid: Teeny, Tiny 1.25 x 2 x 1.5 inch Polaroid OneStep (link)