Ryan McDonough

Founder, Sometime Artist

CFO and co-founder @Accompany, acquired by @Cisco. Turnaround CFO @Ning, sold to Glam Media. Former seed VC. McKinsey trained. @Wharton School and @Haas School of Business.




Fun little retro TV project converting an Enjbrick kit into a fully functional TV/Computer/Retro gaming powerhouse.

Brick Build Mini RetroTV

1980s Retro TV Viewing and Gaming in One Easy to Transport Package. This battery powered little brick TV is the perfect lean back experience for watching nostalgic TV and playing old video games. 

Build Highlights


I gutted a pre-packaged 8”monitor to reduce its size and get all the parts loose (display, driver board, controls, speakers). I then used tin snips to cut down the back of the housing with the glued in speakers still attached to the metal.

I then took a Raspberry Pi 4B and mounted it to some LEGO bricks. I found a good Micro HDMI to Mini HDMI connector to directly connect to the display driver board to the Pi.

Mounted the screen upside down to get the cables & driver board where I wanted and then rotated in software.

Other odds/ends: USB high speed port double sided taped to the bottom of the TV in the back for quickly using peripheral, added on/off USB-C male/female switch, and finally a battery pack with a USB-C out and USB in.